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Speed Limit Alert

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Speed Limit Monitoring, Speed Limit violation alert and panic alert Mobile application with facility to change settings using SMS commands.Must have Mobile App for Drivers, Passengers, Bus Operators, Parents, Spouses, Traffic Police ,Security Personals and Disaster Management Personals.Stay safe by traveling below speed limit and locatable when in panic situation using SpeedLimitAlert App.Application Features:• Speedometer: Shows Current Speed in Kilometers Per Hour/ Miles per Hour unit.• Speed Limit Alert: Audio/SMS/EMail Alerts on Violation of set Speed Limit.• Speed Limit Alert by SMS: Sends SMS to listed Mobile Numbers on Violation of Speed Limit including date/time,vehicle number and GPS location of User. Speed Limit Alert by EMail: Send EMail to listed email addresses on violation of set speed limit including date/time, vehicle number and GPS location of user.• Speed Limit Alert Audio Alarm: Plays Audio Alarm on violation of Speed Limit for specified time.• Choice of Audio Alarm Type: Siren Sound ( view demo ) or Selected Ringtone ( view demo at or Specified Text to Speed Synthesis ( view demo at• Choice of SMS Alert Recipients: User can set up to three mobile numbers to receive Speed Limit Alerts.• Choice of Audio Alarm Play Time: Set Audio Alarm play duration in seconds.• Choice of Speed tolerance Time: Set Ignorance time in second so that application wont raise alarm again tolerance period.• Set Vehicle Number: User can set vehicle number in preferences or by sending it by SMS.• Panic Button: User can Long press Panic button to send stored panic alert SMS to mobile numbers listed by user in preferences.• Background mode: If this mode is selected in preferences, application monitors speed and alarms speed limit violation when application is not in foreground.SMS Commands: Speed Limit Alarm provides sms commands to change application settings by sending SMS commands. Using preferences, user can list up to three mobile numbers from which it accepts SMS commands or specify that any mobile number can send SMS command. Following SMS commands (uppercase or lowercase) at supported.1) To Get User LocationTo Get GPS location of user sends SMS"LOCATION". SpeedLimitAlert applications send Google maps GPS locations URL by sms. User can open this GPS location url in web browser to locate user2) To Get Speed of userTo Get speed, send SMS GET SPEEDSpeedLimitAlert application sends current speed.3) To Set Speed LimitTo set speed Limit value ,send SMS 'SET SPEEDLIMIT Value" For example to set speed limit to 60, send sms SET SPEEDLIMIT 60.4) To set Vehicle Number:To set vehicle Number ,Send SMS "SET VEHICLENUMBER vehiclenumber. For example to vehicle number as MH04ZZ9999, send SMSSET VEHICLENUMBER MH04ZZ99995) To set alarm type to Siren Sound send SMSSET ALARMTYPE SIREN6) To set alarm type to speech synthesized TEXT Send SMSSET ALARMTYPE SPEECH.7)To set alarm type to ringtone, send SMSSET ALARMTYPE RINGTONE8) To set alarm text to be synthesized , send SMSSET ALARMTEXT text. For example to set Speech synthesis audio alarm text to ”Please drive slowly” Send SMSSET ALARMTEXT Please drive slowly.
9) To receive speed limit alerts by SMS send SMSSET SENDSPEEDALERTSMS ON.
10)To stop receiving speed limit violation alerts by SMS, send SMS SET SENDSPEEDALERTSMS OFF11)To set speed measurement unit to Kilometers per Hour send SMSSET SPEEDUNIT KPH
12)To set speed measurement unit to Miles per Hour send SMSSET SPEEDUNIT MPH13)To set speed tolerance time send SMS SET SPEEDTOLERANCETIME timeFor example to set speed tolerance time to 5 seconds, send SMSSET SPEEDTOLERANCETIME 5.